Batch Integration

Batch Integration

The Batch Integration is an enhancement to the Direct Integration, allowing you to send multiple transactions in a single request and monitor their status. This is useful if you wish to capture multiple transactions or collect multiple payments – for example, collecting subscription charges or loan repayments.

In addition to basic sales processing, the Batch Integration can be used to perform other actions, such as refunds and cancellations, which can provide a more advanced integration with our Gateway.

Unlike the Hosted and Direct Integrations, the Batch Integration does not process transactions sent to it immediately. Instead, the Gateway queues these transactions to be processed and returns a batch reference number which can be used to download a file that contains the current status of the transactions.

Batch Processing does not support transactions that require Customer interaction such as 3-D Secure transactions, or alternative payment methods with interactive Wallet or Checkout pages.

Last updated on 18 September 2023