Integration Testing

You will be provided with unique test Merchant Account IDs during the onboarding process. Refer to Prerequisites section for more information. Test Merchant Accounts are not connected to our Simulator and not to an actual Acquirer. The Simulator will emulate the function of an Acquirer and provide simulated responses and authorisation codes.

Test Amounts

When testing the transaction amount can be used to trigger different authorisation and settlement outcomes as follows:

Min. AmountMax. AmountAuthorisation responseSettlement outcome
100 (1.00)2499 (24.99)(0) AUTH CODE: XXXXXXACCEPTED
2500 (25.00)4999 (49.99)(0) AUTH CODE: XXXXXXREJECTED
5000 (50.00)7499 (74.99)(1) CARD REFERRED (0) AUTH CODE: XXXXXXACCEPTED
7500 (75.00)9999 (99.99)(1) CARD REFERRED (0) AUTH CODE: XXXXXXREJECTED
10000 (100.00)14999 (49.99)(5) CARD DECLINEDN/A
15000 (150.00)19999 (199.99)(4) CARD DECLINED – KEEP CARDN/A
20000 (200.00)24999 (249.99)(65) CARD DECLINED - SCA REQUIRED (0) AUTH CODE: XXXXXXACCEPTED
25000 (250.00)29999 (299.99)(65) CARD DECLINED – SCA REQUIRED (5) CARD DECLINEDN/A

Any other amount will return a responseCode of 66311 (Invalid Test Amount). The settlement outcome only applies to transactions which reach settlement due to being successfully authorised and captured and not cancelled. The amount captured is used when determining the settlement outcome rather than the amount authorised.

The range 5000 to 9999 can be used to test manual authorisations. If the transaction does not contain an authorisationCode request field, then the Simulator will return a responseCode of 1 (CARD REFERRED). If it does, then it will return a responseCode of 0 (SUCCESS), with an amount between 50000 and 7499 being accepted at settlement and an amount of 7500 to 9999 being rejected.

The range 20000 to 29999 can be used to test SCA soft declines. If the transaction is eligible to request SCA then the Simulator will return a responseCode of 65 (SCA REQUIRED). If not, then it will return a responseCode of 0 (SUCCESS) for the range 20000 to 24999 or 5 (DO NOT HONOR) for the range 25000 to 29999. Successful transactions will be approved at settlement.

Test Cards

The test accounts will only accept card numbers that are designated for test purposes. These test cards cannot be used on production accounts. To test AVS and CV2 verification then the associated CVV and billing addresses are provided for each card. If a different value is used, then the Simulator will mark the responses as ‘not matched’. Unless stated otherwise an expiry date sometime in the near future should be used.

Visa Credit

Card NumberCVVAddress
4929421234600821356Flat 6 Primrose Rise 347 Lavender Road Northampton NN17 8YG
454305999999998211076 Roseby Avenue Manchester M63X 7TH
454305999999999068923 Rogerham Mansions 4578 Ermine Street Borehamwood WD54 8TH

Visa Debit

Card NumberCVVAddress
4539791001730106289Unit 5 Pickwick Walk 120 Uxbridge Road Hatch End Middlesex HA6 7HJ
4462000000000003672Mews 57 Ladybird Drive Denmark 65890


Card NumberCVVAddress
49174800000000080095-6 Ross Avenue Birmingham B67 8UJ

Mastercard Credit

Card NumberCVVAddress
530125007000019141925 The Larches Narborough Leicester LE10 2RT
5413339000001000304Pear Tree Cottage The Green Milton Keynes MK11 7UY
543484999999995147034a Rubbery Close Cloisters Run Rugby CV21 8JT
54348499999999935574-7 The Hay Market Grantham NG32 4HG

Mastercard Debit

Card NumberCVVAddress
5573 4712 3456 7898159Merevale Avenue Leicester LE10 2BU

UK Maestro

Card NumberCVVAddress
6759 0150 5012 3445 002309The Parkway 5258 Larches Approach Hull North Humberside HU10 5OP
6759 0168 0000 0120 097701The Manor Wolvey Road Middlesex TW7 9FF


Card NumberCVVAddress
35405999999910472092 Middle Wallop Merideth-in-the-Wolds Lincolnshire LN2 8HG

American Express

Card NumberCVVAddress
3742454554000014887The Hunts Way Southampton SO18 1GW

Diners Club

Card NumberCVV NumberAddress1

3-D Secure Testing

Your test accounts are connected to our 3-D Secure Product Integration Testing (PIT) system rather than to the production 3-D Secure servers. You can use any of the test cards provided in section A-11.2 with this PIT system, and the authentication status returned by the Directory Server (for frictionless flow simulation) can be selected using the value of the card expiry month as follows:

Card Expiry MonthAuth StatusSimulation (Frictionless)
01 - JanYFully authenticated
02 - FebruaryNNot authenticated
03 - MarchUUnknown authentication status
04 - AprilAAttempted authentication
05 - MayDDecoupled authentication
06 - JuneRTransaction rejected (do not attempt to send for authorisation)
07 – JulyEUnknown error performing 3-D Secure checks
08 - AugustEError due to timeout communicating with the Directory Server
09 – SeptemberEError due to corrupt response from the Directory Server.
10 – OctoberIInformation only
11 – NovemberUUnknown authentication due to Cardholder not enrolled (error 13)
12 - DecemberCFrictionless not possible, challenge Cardholder

An expiry month of 12 will simulate the non frictionless flow and desired authentication status threeDSAuthenticated can be selected on the challenge dialog shown by the PIT Access Control Server. When using an expiry month from the above table please use a suitable expiry year to ensure the date is sometime in the near future.

PayPal Sandbox Accounts

Please contact customer support to have your own PayPal test Merchant account created that connects to your own PayPal sandbox account, thus enabling you to view the transactions as they are sent to PayPal.

Amazon Pay Sandbox Accounts

Please contact customer support to have your own Amazon Pay test Merchant account created that connects to your own Amazon Pay sandbox account, thus enabling you to view the transactions as they are sent to Amazon Pay.