You will need the following information to integrate with the Gateway which will be provided during onboarding:

Resource NameDescription
Merchant Account IDYour unique Merchant Account ID.
Hosted Integration URLYour unique URL to use the Hosted Integration.
Direct Integration URLYour unique URL to use the Direct Integration.
Batch Integration URLYour unique URL to use the Batch Integration.
Merchant country code372 (Ireland)

You will be provided with unique production and test Merchant Account IDs during the onboarding process. You will also be provided with the integration URLs. You must use the URLs provided and no others as they may be customised to your account. Any code samples in this guide use dummy Merchant Account IDs in the form 100001 and dummy integration URLs of the form<integration>. These dummy values must be replaced in full by the values you have been provided with. For testing purposes, you can use test amounts and test cards.