Check out our GitHub repository (opens in a new tab) to download this plugin.

Disclaimer: Please note that we no longer support older versions of SDKs and Modules. We recommend that the latest versions are used. This Module can only be used for Hosted Integrations. It does not support Direct Integrations.

This Zencart module provides an easy method to integrate with the payment gateway.

  • The httpdocs directory contains the files that need to be uploaded to the root directory of where Zencart is installed
  • Supports Zencart versions: 1.5.x


Please note that we can only offer support for the module itself. While every effort has been made to ensure the payment module is complete and bug free, we cannot guarantee normal functionality if unsupported changes are made.

Installing and configuring the module

  1. Make sure that all files inside the httpdocs folder are inserted into the root directory of where Zen Cart is installed (including cardstream_callback.php in the main folder)
  2. Some installations will not require you to run the SQL files provided. However, strict database privileges on a server (specifically CREATE, DELETE and ALTER) will prevent the a full installation of this module. If this is the case, you will need to manually run the SQL into your site's database with CREATE, and ALTER privileges; making sure to allow DELETE access for cardstream_temp_carts normal operation which will help keep the table clean and save space. Ensure that you enter your correct table name (my_table_name in the example below) in orders.sql
ALTER TABLE my_table_name ADD COLUMN `cardstream_xref` VARCHAR(128) NULL, ADD COLUMN `cardstream_transactionUnique` VARCHAR(128) NULL, ADD COLUMN
`cardstream_amount_received` FLOAT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.0', ADD COLUMN `cardstream_authorisationCode` VARCHAR(128) NULL, ADD COLUMN `cardstream_responseMessage`
TEXT NULL, ADD COLUMN `cardstream_lastAction` VARCHAR(32) NULL
  1. Mouseover the "Modules" link in the top menu and click 'Payment'. Next, click the circle for NPI Form and finally click 'install' on the right side of the screen
  2. Follow the instructions that appear, and enter all the necessary details, such as the Merchant ID and signature. Click 'update', and NPI is now integrated with your shopping cart

If you would like to make edits to the NPI Integration such as updating the Merchant ID, hover over the modules drop down menu and click payments. Click on 'NPI Integration' in the list that appears, and click on 'edit' on the right hand side.